Japan Sim Options When Travelling to Japan

Japan is such a beautiful and advanced country. There, its collections of cultures and subcultures are beaming, and journeys are boundless. In a country where there are many places to explore, hundreds of sights to capture, and different locations to discover, getting a Japan travel sim is a no-brainer decision. Owing to its historical practices and modern tourism-focused businesses, travel is extremely accessible, and advanced transport systems are one of its many renowned merits, wherein citizens and tourists alike can easily get from one place to another in just a matter of hours as compared to days of travelling. What’s a better Japan travel companion than a Japan sim card? You won’t have any problems navigating places you need to be within the country, regardless of the language barriers! With unlimited data from SimCorner, you can access real-time rail and transport information, making it all the more convenient for you to explore numerous places at a fraction of international roaming costs. Here are the best sim card options to ensure you get the most out of your travel!

Unli Social Media Prepaid Japan Simcard (Docomo)

Our prepaid Japan sim card is one of the best options when travelling to Japan as it works on the country’s best coverage network—Docomo. Even with a prepaid sim, you get unlimited data usage with no daily download limit! This ensures you’re always connected with friends and family so you get to share your experiences online for up to 30 days. Using the sim card gives you to unlimited data usage for Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Google Maps, and more social apps! Plus, you get extra 3GB data for any data usage outside the included apps. With great coverage, you can stay online whenever and wherever and set foot on different locations #stress-free!

6GB Japan Data Sim Card (Softbank)

If you’re going to be on a short work trip but still want to squeeze in a much as leisure travel you possibly can, our 3-in-1 sim card is the perfect option! This 6GB data Japan sim card comes in standard, micro, and nanochip sizes to accommodate compatible devices such as mobile phones, tablets, dongles, and MiFi devices. The plan allows you 6GB worth of data for ten days, making sure you’re online for business meetings! If you’re travelling as a group, you can save much more as you can share the data with your colleagues through the mobile hotspot and tethering services.

6GB 15 Day Asia Travel Simcard

If you’re an avid traveller who’s hopping from one Asian country to the next, and need internet access to survive, you can check out our 6GB 15 Day Asia sim card, giving you 6GB of data in 15 days. Apart from Japan, you can use this sim card in countries such as Brunei, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The 6GB worth of data gives you access to any website and social media apps without restriction, making your travel in Asia much more enjoyable!

6GB 10 Day Asia Travel Simcard

For same data usage, we offer a 6GB 10 Day Asia sim card, which provides 6GB of data for ten days. You can use this sim card in Brunei, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. So if you’re planning to visit Japan and take a quick side trip to neighbouring Asian countries, you wouldn't have a problem staying online with this handy Asia sim card.

Enjoy the best of Japan with SimCorner

At SimCorner, we understand your need to stay connected wherever part you are in the world. Let us help make your travel in Japan, easier, more convenient, and trouble-free. We provide a range of sim cards that gives you access to unlimited data essential for your travels. Get yours delivered to your doorstep hassle free today!

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